We take into account your individual needs as a customer a quality Ace Hood Cleaning Service will customize its superior cleaning services to satisfy you. We can set up flexible appointments that work with your schedule. Should you only need a onetime cleaning appointment that it also an option. You can be sure that when you hire an Ace Hood Cleaning Service we will be polite professionals. Who will get the job done right the first time. We will take special care of your needs.

We have detailed knowledge of precisely what the fire codes are so that you are guarantee to pass your next hood cleaning fire inspection. A professional Ace Hood Cleaning Service regards cleaning your hood system as a creative and valuable endeavor. We create order out of chaos. We take pride in our work. NFPA 96 Fire Codes cleaning schedule.

Type or Volume of Cooking INSPECTION Frequency 
Systems serving solid fuel cooking operations Monthlly
Systems serving high-volume cooking operations such as 24-hour cooking, charbroiling or wok cooking Quarterly 
Systems serving moderate-volume cooking operations Semiannually
Systems serving low-volume cooking operations such as chruches, day camps seasonal businesses or senior centersAnnually 

Ace Hood Cleaning will clean your hood system according to the NFPA96 Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations listed above. This will assure that there will not be a fire due to grease buildup in the hood system.


Ace Hood Cleaning company will furnish supervision, labor, material, supplies, and equipment to clean accessible grease, dirt, dust debris, and other accumulation by: physical scraping, chemical cleaning, brushing, hand washing, power washing the hoods, hood gutters, drip trays, filters, plenum chambers, extinguishing pipes, duct works, fan, and fans housings. In addition, Protective covering and drop clothes will be used and the areas worked in will be left in a clean condition.